3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure White 5200 3 oz.
3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure White 5200 3 oz.
3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure White 5200 3 oz.
3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure White 5200 3 oz.

3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure White 5200 3 oz.

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Product Details

3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure 5200 is a high performance, flexible polyurethane. This adhesive creates an extremely strong seal that retains its strength above or below the waterline. Use to adhere patches, hardware and sacrificial cover material to sailcloth. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 is waterproof and becomes tack free in 1-2 hours and fully cured in 48 hours. It will remain workable with a trowel or spatula up to 4 hours after application.

Proven uses of 3M Adhesive Fast Cure 5200 include: Fiberglass deck to fiberglass hull, chine, wood to fiberglass, double planking, porthole frames and deck fittings, bilges, under moldings, stern joints, hull seams above and below the waterline, butt or fill blocks, centerboard trunk joints, deck housing, between struts and planking and teak decks to plywood to name a few.

Please Note: This is NOT recommended as a deck seam sealer on teak decks because it may be permanently softened by certain solvents, teak cleaners or sealers. It is also NOT recommended for bonding windows.

Dan Neri, Master Sailmaker and Author, recommends 3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure 5200 throughout his book, "The Complete Guide to Sail Care & Repair".

To Use:

Clean and dry all bonding surfaces. On fiberglass, abrade the surface and wipe clean with solvent first. Make sure to not use alcohols and to apply adhesive at temperatures between 40°-100°F. Apply adhesive to surfaces and allow to cure. Bonds should be made within 30 minutes. If temperatures are above 90°F, bonds should be made within 15 minutes. Uncured material may be removed with a cleaning solvent. Excess cured material can be removed with a knife or razor blade. Light sanding might be needed to smooth out excess residue. Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Watertight Bonding/Sealing of Fiberglass and Wood
  • Ideal for Through-Hull and Deck Fittings, and Deck to Hull Joints
  • Flexible
  • Can be Used Above and Below Waterline
  • Excellent Resistance to Weathering and Saltwater
  • Color White