Comparing Stamoid™ Top & Sunbrella® SeaMark® Marine Fabrics

Item # X-HT-300397

Understanding Sunbrella SeaMark

If you’re already a fan of Sunbrella Marine Grade, then you’ll love SeaMark. SeaMark starts out as solution-dyed acrylic Marine Grade, then a PVC vinyl backing is added to one side of the fabric (the underside) making it a 100% waterproof fabric. SeaMark has all the great qualities of solution-dyed Marine Grade — high abrasion resistance, UV and fade resistance, colorfastness, mold/mildew and stain resistance — with an impenetrable waterproof underside.

SeaMark is engineered to endure salt, moisture, sun, wind and temperature extremes. It’s resistant to chemicals, meaning you can use bleach when needed for the toughest stains such as mold and mildew. For regular upkeep, you can clean SeaMark effectively with soap and water.

If you already have sail covers, cushions or other canvas projects on your boat made with Sunbrella Marine Grade, you can create a cohesive and seamless look with SeaMark. Sunbrella colors match across all their fabric lines, meaning Captain Navy is the same color in Marine Grade, SeaMark, Sunbrella Upholstery and even their facing and binding tape products. SeaMark is also endorsed with the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval for meeting their criteria for safe and effective UV sun protection. You won’t go wrong choosing SeaMark for biminis, dodgers and T-tops, boat covers, patio awnings, tonneau covers and exterior cushions on your boat.

Comparing Stamoid Top and Sunbrella Sea Mark Marine Fabrics 2Sunbrella SeaMark is a great choice for dodgers, biminis and ventilated enclosures.

Understanding Stamoid Top

Made by Serge Ferrari, Stamoid Top has a woven polyester base with a vinyl coating on both sides of the fabric, making it completely waterproof. Although it’s vinyl-coated on both sides, we recommend using the textured side as the outside and the shiny side facing in. Stamoid Top is dirt resistant and treated against the growth of mold and mildew.

Stamoid Top has almost no shrinkage (less than 0.5%) and does not expand or have humidity sagging issues thanks to its high-tenacity, woven polyester construction. It does not stretch on the bias. This makes patterning easier when fitting a dodger or bimini frame that is shapely since the tailored shape of the finished product won’t change over time. Such dimensional stability creates a crisp, tight fit with no sagging where the metal tubing frames are spread far apart. Polyester also does better in shade structures like awnings and shade sails. The fabric won’t sag during a downpour.

Stamoid Top boasts incredible sun protection. In fact, it filters 100% of UVB rays so you can keep your crew safe from harmful UV rays. It’s also easy to clean. You can clean the vinyl with mild soap and water. Stamoid Top is recommended for biminis, dodgers and T-tops, enclosure curtains, spray hoods, marine awnings, boat covers, weather cloths, shade structures and RV awnings.

Comparing Stamoid Top and Sunbrella Sea Mark Marine Fabrics 3We used Stamoid Top for this waterproof and tight-fitting T-top.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, both Stamoid Top and Sunbrella SeaMark can be used for almost all of the same applications, but Stamoid Top is not a seating vinyl and should not be used for cockpit cushions. Both fabrics are waterproof, which means they may require venting if used for full boat enclosures. Both Stamoid Top and SeaMark can be cut with sharp scissors without raveling — no hot knife needed. They both come with five-year limited warranties and are offered in a selection of colors to complement your boat, RV or outdoor area.

Still on the fence? We offer fabric samples of all of our hundreds of fabric collections. You can see and feel the fabrics in person to better decide which one is right for you.