Jiffy Reefing Kit
Jiffy Reefing Kit

Jiffy Reefing Kit

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Sailrite's jiffy reef system focuses stress on the strongest parts of the sail—the leech and the luff. A line at the leech is secured to an eye strap on the port side of the boom. Then it is run up through a jiffy grommet on the leech above the clew and down to a bullet block on the other side of the boom. From there the line is lead forward to a jam cleat near the gooseneck. Another line is secured to an eye strap at the gooseneck. It is run up through a jiffy grommet on the luff above the tack and back down to a cleat on the side of the mast just opposite the eye strap. For extended passages short shock cord straps are used to secure the bulk of the sail through the intermediate webbing loops and around the boom.

To reef, simply ease the main sheet until the sail flogs; pull the boom up to the leech jiffy grommet; ease the halyard the proper amount (place a mark on it to indicate where it should be secured); and pull the luff grommet down to the gooseneck. That is all there is to it. The sail becomes very flat and much smaller in 10 to 15 seconds.

The only tools required are a sewing machine, hammer, screwdriver, and an electric drill. Installation takes about 2-3 hours. For boats 20 feet and under.


  • Jiffy Grommets
  • Patches to Reinforce Jiffy Grommets
  • Dacron Line
  • Bullet Block
  • Strap Eyes
  • Jam Cleats
  • Shock Cord and Hooks
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Seamstick
  • White V-69 UV Thread
  • Screws
  • Instructions