RBS Tapered E-Glass Sail Battens
RBS Tapered E-Glass Sail Battens

RBS Tapered E-Glass Sail Battens

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Product Details

This is a flex taper E-Glass Batten from RBS. These battens are constructed in a unique proprietary process using pre-tensioned, uni-directional glass fibers in flexible epoxy resin matrix. This results in an extremely durable and virtually unbreakable batten. Used on leech or partial batten sails, the soft tip allows the RBS Tapered E-Glass Batten to bend or conform to the shape of the sail without causing a hard spot where the front of the batten terminates in the batten pocket. The slim, tapering design allows for a smooth transition from the sail to the roach/leech which results in a better sail shape and increased sail longevity.

Use this 3/4-inch (19mm) batten for both compression and leech battens in mains and jibs for larger boats, 30 feet and over.

Please Note: These battens come with the inner end cap already installed and do not require separate outer end caps. Battens can be easily shortened with a hack saw. Color may vary.


  • 100% Unidirectional Fiberglass
  • Light Weight & Durable
  • Easy to Cut
  • No Outer End Caps Required, Inner End Caps Already Installed