Pres-N-Snap Turn Lock Die Set
Pres-N-Snap Turn Lock Die Set

Pres-N-Snap Turn Lock Die Set

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Pres-N-Snap Turn Lock Die Set can be used to install Twist-Lock (also known as Common Sense®) fasteners with a rivet-styled back plate. The Turn Lock Die Set makes it easy to install twist lock fasteners, just install the die set and squeeze the tool--no need to pre-punch a hole!

To use the Pres-N-Snap Turn Lock Die Set, install the top die using the provided screw and bushing. To install the bottom die, remove the O-ring from the bottom post (you may need to use a pick to assist with this), place the die on the post and tighten the screw to secure. Line up the dies so that the opening on the top die is on the same side as the screw on the bottom die. Then install the Twist-Lock Turn button in the top die, the back plate in the bottom die, position where you want the fastener on your fabric, and squeeze the tool.

Please Note: The Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool is sold separately. This item is the die set only.