Sattler® Valora Black 67" Fabric (330154)
Sattler® Valora Black 67" Fabric (330154)
Sattler® Valora Black 67" Fabric (330154)

Sattler® Valora Black 67" Fabric (330154)

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Product Details

Sattler® Nautex Valora is a high-end cover and shade fabric that won’t let you down. With thinner yarn and a tighter weave than comparable awning and cover fabrics, Valora boasts a 25% density increase to better protect you and your valuables from the elements. At only 8.1 ounces per square yard, it’s also 25% lighter than other fabrics used for the same applications. This weight reduction makes Valora more flexible; it folds down about 10% smaller than standard marine grade fabrics for easy, compact storage when not in use.

Like all Sattler fabrics, Valora is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic. The color pigments are infused all the way to the core of every yarn used to weave Valora. This is what gives it unbeatable colorfastness and fade resistance, making the colors shine and keeping them bright for a longer period of time compared to surface-dyed fabrics.

Valora fabrics are finished with two special coatings that enhance their performance. The first is an Intelligent Polyurethane Coating (IPC), which makes Valora completely waterproof. It also gives the fabric a smooth feel, contributes to its increased flexibility, and makes it possible to glue or weld seams. The second finish is TEXgard, which makes this stain-resistant material easy to clean with just a mild soap solution and a soft brush.

In addition, Valora has these other excellent features:

  • High abrasion resistance for longevity in tough environments.
  • High UV resistance with a 97.5% shade factor.
  • Repels oil and dirt.
  • Resists mold, mildew and rot.
  • Printable on the coated side for customization.
  • Breathable for optimal airflow.

Although either side can face the outside, we recommend using the uncoated side on the outside of projects. However, the coated side should face out if you choose to print on it. Use this easy-to-sew fabric for marine and outdoor projects, including covers, umbrellas, biminis, sail bags and much more. With its 5-year limited warranty, you can be sure that Valora will bring outstanding strength and performance to any outdoor application for years to come.