Essential Sailrite® Tools & Supplies for DIYers: Conquer Your Projects Like a Pro

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Sewing Room Must-Haves for Every DIYer

Essential Notions for Success

Notions to Elevate Your Projects

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 3Important sewing notions every DIYer needs to keep on hand.

Small but mighty, these notions play a crucial role in the success of your sewing endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or just starting out, these items deserve a place in your toolkit. Sewing pins, fabric clips and basting tape ensure layers stay securely in place during sewing, providing a no-slip experience. Our Marking Tools Variety Package offers a comprehensive selection of marking tools suitable for upholstery fabric, canvas, vinyl mesh and various other materials. With this multipack, you'll have all the marking tools you'll ever need.

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Measuring & Cutting With Precision

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 4Having the right cutting tools makes the job easy and enjoyable.

Accurate measuring and precise cutting are fundamental steps in any sewing project. A flexible tape measure allows you to effortlessly measure around curved objects, while the Sailrite® Clear Acrylic Ruler, Eric's go-to tool, offers transparency for aligning fabric edges and creating precise lines. Additionally, Gingher® Scissors Right Hand 8" provide a comfortable grip and are perfect for fabric cutting. Don't forget to have fabric snips and a seam ripper on hand, as they will be indispensable during your projects.

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Upgrade Your Fabric Cutting

Efficiency & Precision With the Edge Cordless Hotknife

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 5Cut and seal synthetic material in one step.

If you frequently work with synthetic fabric, rope or webbing, consider upgrading from scissors to the Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife. This cordless, battery-operated tool offers precise and speedy cutting, significantly reducing your cutting time. Canvasworkers, upholsterers, sailors and hobby sewers alike will benefit from its versatility and portability. For the perfect cutting duo, pair the Edge Cordless Hotknife with our Sailrite® Tempered Cutting Glass, which not only protects your work surface but also facilitates smooth and scorch-free cuts.

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Easy Fastener Installation & Hole Cutting

Hassle-Free Fastener Installation With the Pres-N-Snap Tool

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 6Experience one-step snap fastener installation with the Pres-N-Snap.

Installing fasteners is a breeze with the professional-grade Pres-N-Snap tool. With the ability to set fasteners single-handedly while keeping your focus on the fabric, this tool is a must-have for canvasworkers and DIYers seeking efficient fastener installation. It punches holes and installs ligne 24 snap fasteners and washer grommets simultaneously, making it the fastest and easiest tool for your projects.

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Effortless Hole Cutting With the Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 7Speed up your hole cutting with this Sailrite-exclusive tool set.

For the most precise and quickest hole cutting, the Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set is an essential item. This set equips you with everything necessary to cut holes in multiple layers of fabric, webbing and leather. Compatible with a standard household drill, the seven hole cutters, two cutting surfaces and the convenient carrying case ensure a low-impact and efficient hole-cutting experience.

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Manual Hole Punching With a Round Maul

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 8This multiuse round maul will become a go-to tool in your workroom.

If you prefer manual hole punching, the Sailrite® Round Maul is a reliable option. Its 3-pound weight delivers perfectly distributed blows, making it effortless to set fasteners, grommets and cut holes in thick assemblies. Whether you're a canvasworker, leatherworker or engaged in various DIY projects, this mallet will be a valuable addition to your toolkit. Once your hole is cut, use the mallet to install grommets, set rivets and more.

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Upholstery Essentials

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 9Cut and sculpt seating foam like a pro with these upholstery must-haves.

Precision Cutting With the Sailrite® Blade Foam Saw

Upholsterers and those who make cushions will find the Sailrite® Blade Foam Saw indispensable. This high-quality saw features two blades for smooth and clean cuts, even in high-density foam. With its ability to cut foam up to 7 inches thick, it's the perfect tool for a variety of seating and cushion projects.

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Perfect Foam Contours With This Foam Shaper

Achieve flawlessly shaped and contoured foam with the Sailrite® Foam Shaper. This affordable and clever tool is designed to finesse lines, curves and uneven areas. It is particularly useful for projects involving intricate shapes, such as bolster pads, knee-rise cushions, automotive seating and headrests.

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Efficient Upholstery Stapling

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 10Stapling is an essential part of upholstery work. Make sure you have the best tools for the job.

For upholstering fabric to your furniture frame, quality tools like the C.S. Osborne Staple Lifter and the Sailrite® Long Nose Upholstery Staple Gun are essential. The Staple Lifter, crafted with fine workmanship, effectively removes staples of any size. The Long Nose Upholstery Staple Gun drives staples without causing damage to the wood or fabric, making it ideal for delicate faux leather or vinyl fabric.

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Sewing Machine Accessories

Straight Stitch Lines With a Magnetic Sewing Guide

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 11Banish crooked stitches when you use a magnetic sewing guide.

Elevate your stitching with the Magnetic Sewing Guide. Boasting unrivaled holding power thanks to its high-strength magnets, the Magnetic Sewing Guide remains firmly in place during heavy-duty projects and thick fabric assemblies. Its innovative design allows you to effortlessly sew straight or curved seams at a consistent distance from the fabric edge, elevating the quality of your stitches to new heights.

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Effortless Binding With the 1" Swing-Away Binder

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 12This binder automatically guides and folds binding into place over the edge of your fabric as you sew.

The 1" Swing-Away Binder is a versatile accessory for finishing fabric edges with professional results. Use it to add binding to canvaswork, awnings, bags and more. Once installed, it conveniently swings out of the way, eliminating the need for removal when not in use.

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Specialized Presser Feet for Enhanced Sewing

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 13These two popular Ultrafeed® LSZ presser feet will take your sewing skills to the next level.

Eric relies on two specialty presser feet to enhance his DIY projects. The Smooth Foot Set is perfect for sewing leather and materials prone to scuffing, ensuring a smooth and professional finish. The Left Zipper Foot is the go-to attachment for sewing zippers and achieving precise stitch lines close to boltrope for sailmaking.

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Ultrafeed® Table Upgrades

Essential Sewing Tools Supplies 14Portable or stationary, there's an Ultrafeed table for wherever you want to sew.

Portable Sewing Setup With Collapsible Sewing Table

Experience the best of both worlds with the Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine. While it offers portability for on-location projects, the Collapsible Sewing Table allows you to create a larger and more comfortable sewing setup. This table conveniently collapses and can be stored when not in use.

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Sturdy Sewing Station With Industrial Sewing Table

For a permanent and reliable sewing station, opt for the Industrial Sewing Table. This table provides a sturdy platform for your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine and features a convenient drawer for storing notions and machine attachments within easy reach.

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